About Us

Women of Vision (WOV) is newly formed professional organization designed to create opportunities for educating, mentoring, and networking and dedicated to helping women optometrists be proactive in defining themselves. 

The purpose of WOV is to address the need for women to better understand the professional choices available to them upon graduation. WOV aims to expand leadership roles in the profession, and to advance exposure and choices for women optometrists in the areas such as research, industry, academia, commercial optometry and private practice. 

Activities will include:

Educational Opportunities

WOV will support life-long learning and education on topics such as business development and management skills, and will encourage alternative continuing education methods such as web-based formats, chat rooms, interactive CD-roms, and teleconferences. This strategy will allow all women nationwide-in all forms of optometric practice-to participate equally in quality professional education opportunities.

Mentorship Opportunities

Mentors will serve as role models, and will encourage risk taking, leadership roles and national awareness of professional choices available to women optometrists.

Networking Opportunities

An annual program at one of the national meetings with topics specific to women will provide an opportunity for women to strengthen professional networks and build trust and confidence. Our interactive website will be the key to providing opportunities for education, mentoring and networking.


For more information on WOV, Contact us by e-mail at info@wovonline.org.